When Jesus said He* would lay down His* life voluntarily, and when He said "no greater love has any man than this, to lay down his life for his friends," the Greek word He used was yuch "psukay". When He said He came to give "eternal life" and "abundant life" [John 10:10], the Greek word He used was zwh "zoe". Below, we reproduce F. F. Bosworth's exposition on "zoe," then Smith Wigglesworth's exposition of the special quality of life that the Lord gives. (Ordering information for both books follows that).

In discussing this life, we should mention this: Godís Holiness is His infinite, glorious perfection, which leads Him always to desire what is good in others as well as in Himself. He bestows, and works out what is good in others, and hates and condemns all that is opposed to what is good. (page 33 of the book "The Power of the Blood of Jesus, by Andrew Murray, DD. author of Abide in Christ, Holy in Christ, others. London: Marshall Morgan 1935

More on the special life in the Lord: Book title: Smith Wigglesworth on Healing (c) 1999 (he died 1947)
ISBN 0-88368-426-8
page 84 [quotes Heb. 4:10] Oh, this is a lovely rest! The whole life is a Sabbath.. This is the only life that [p.85] can glorify God. It is a life of joy, and every day is a day of heaven on earth.
page 85 We are carried along by Him. [capitalization is W.'s] He clothes us, and He gives us utterance. Oh, that we all had the simplicity of babes!
cf page132: Those who have entered into that rest [Heb. 4:9] have ceased from their own works (v.10). Oh, what a blessed state of rest that is, to cease from your own works. There God is enthroned in your life, and you are working for him by a new order. If you preach, you no longer struggle to preach ... [quotes John 3:3,6-7] To be born of God! It means no less than God being born anew in us -- a new order of God; a new plan; a new faith by God; a new child of God; a new life from God; a new creation living in the world but not of the world, reigning in life over all the powers of the [p. 133] world, over whom "sin shall not have dominion" (Rom. 6:14).
page 88 I touch people, and instantly they are changed. The life of the Son of God goes through and passes on. I live by the faith of the Son of God...
Believing is the asking of the divine life that God gives.
page 125 healing...means life must be filled with God

[note by Bob: it may be well to caution the reader that this is not holding out an easy life. Christ himself said "take up your cross daily," repeated five times in the Gospels. The NIV Study Bible (Zondervan publishers) says of His parallel saying "whoever loses his life for Me will save it" that "No other saying of Jesus is given such emphasis" (found in all four Gospels, twice in Matthew, twice in Luke -- their note to Lk. 9:24)
Brother Wigglesworth testified that "Oh, we must wake up, stretch our faith, and believe God! Before God could bring me to this place, He had to break me a thousand times. I have wept, I have groaned, I have travailed night after night until God broke me. Until God has mowed you down, you will never have this long-suffering for others." (page 147 of same book).
(Another note -- "Losing one's life for Christ" does not require physical martyrdom.` The NIV Study Bible says also that "To follow Jesus requires self-denial, complete dedication and willing obedience."
The Eastern Orthodox speak of "white martyrs," as opposed to "red martyrs" -- the "red" shed their blood, but the "white" sacrifice their lives by making Christ, not self, lord of their lives.)
Bosworth shows the same: "His compassion for those who were sick and suffering had driven him. Often he would pray for the sick all day and all night, never sparing himself. In weariness and deep fatigue he began to feel the effects of an overloaded ministry schedule through the years..." [but at the age of 75 he went to preach in South Africa, holding "the greatest religious gatherings ever held in that country", with two other evangelists] [page 245]. Inspired by the spiritual hunger he found in the "third world," he spent five years "in intensive evangelism" abroad. "He again drew on God's 'abundant' life as God renewed his vision and the strength of his youth." page 246. (He died peacefully at home with "no struggle, no pain, no sound, no death rattle" p. 247.)

Ordering these books: The book Smith Wigglesworth on Healing is ISBN 0-88368-426-8, book is (c) 1999
Publisher is Whitaker House www.whitakerhouse.com (I got my copy from www.feedmysheep.biz, 877 311 8714. I don't know if Whitaker House has an 800 number but you can call 800 Directory Assistance at 800 555 1212)

The book Christ the Healer by F. Bosworth is ISBN 0-8007-9393-5. It was published in 1924 and reprinted in 2004 by Chosen Books (Baker Books) www.chosenbooks.com. This is a special Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) edition, and TBN has a toll-free prayer line at 1-888-731-1000 or 714-731-1000 (www.tbn.org).

* Note on pronouns: We capitalize to emphasize that these are not "masculine" pronouns in the sense of our human gender matters. Click here for further discussion of that thought. The capitalization of "He" in Wigglesworth's quote (page 147 of his book) is Brother Wigglesworth's.

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