We trace the tithe back to Jacob's vow to God:
If you will be with me and will watch over me on this journey and will take care of me... of all that You give me, I will give You a tenth. [Genesis 28:20-22]


When I was desperate, it occurred to me that I need to stop neglecting my giving to my gracious Lord, and to start keeping the tithe -- then, I struggled my way up from a time of devastation, in which 3% was all that I could do, given that my landlord expected me to pay the rent. I kept that and the Lord brought me out of the devastation.
I was amazed to find that within a year, I was able to reach up to giving the full tithe.

I personally always had quite a wrestle with the issue of tithing on net income versus gross income. How can you pay out part of the money you don't even receive? But I receive benefits from monies that don't appear in my paycheck... So I started keeping a 12%-of-net amount. God has blessed me, from Alaska to California -- not that I never suffered, but I reached the age of Elderhood (55+) with a good prosperity, my dignity, good health, and friends.

The Bible tells us that the tithe is to be brought to the house where the name of the Lord is... Secular donations are outside of that...

The tithe is the focus of one of the most interesting offers in Scripture. The Bible tells us, "You shall not put the Lord your God to the test." But in the book of Malachi, God says, "Put Me to the test in this: bring the whole tithe into My house... and see if I will not pour out a blessing so large your storehouses cannot contain it."

Before Jacob, Abraham paid a tenth of what he had obtained (Genesis 14:20), because he had been blessed, delivered from his enemies, and given possessions. It was an act of gratitude...

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