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Prayer for national revival, the condition of America after the Revolutionary War and the effect of prayer -- God and America in history

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible
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Africa, critical need: Congo has suffered the largest war since World War II, and brother Albert ministers among this

"Seeds" meditations

'Jesus through the ages of art' is a wonderful exhibit of images of Jesus from 2,000 years of people thinking about Him, arranged by topic areas ... thanks to the Canadian Heritage Information Network
- - "Why is this exhibition important? In much of North America and Europe, the younger generations have little knowledge of the central figure in the formation of Western culture."
- - - From the introduction to the exhibit, 2/25/05 visit offers the GOOD news only -- !

Don't forget the centennial of the Azusa Street Revival -- starting in 2006 -- "remember the works of the Lord in former times". Click here for Azusa revival history offers prayer by email, guaranteeing that someone will read and pray over your request -- and some fascinating testimony!

A "national repentance" prayer effort is at They are trying to gather signatures to submit a "National Prayer of Repentance" to the President, towards national revival. If you visit their website, you may want to note their "Prayer Resources" section. discipleship material including free pocketbooks

The "access portal" developed by Dr. Allen Turner for the Soboba Tribe has access for searching university libraries across California (use the "reference" button)
Also Native American info (this link puts you inside the Tribal Government website of the Soboba Band, which you may enjoy also)

Parents Television Council -- dedicated to a positive media for America

Our webpage for the Gospel of Zion Christian Fellowship is at

Christian humor
"How would know the Savior's words" may be especially interesting, although not "funny" ...

For the series of essays "Starters for the Prayer Meeting" see "Church history" short topic ("PrayForGrace" homepage) and follow the link there.

Topics commentaries by an association of Christian scientists, the professor's soapbox -- fascinating topics, especially recommended to my Seminary friends!
The homepage has "illustrations" for sermons, keyed to Scripture sections, and also a "Teachers of Prayer" section.
-- AND Bible versions including a "literal" translation, Matthew Henry's commentary (under "Public Domain"), topical dictionary, etc. The Greek and Hebrew resources include free font downloads.

Stand to Reason -- An apologetics organization

Battle Cry -- an organization concerned with the situation of American teens -- includes these statements in their
Teenage Bill of Rights:
It is necessary for us, the emerging generation of young Americans, to stand for what is right and reclaim the values that have made our nation great.
We call our nation to a higher standard, a lifestyle based
not on convenience, but on character,
not on what is easy, but on what is excellent,
not on what feels good, but on what is good,
not on popularity, but on principle,
not on what is tempting, but on what is true.
(Teenage Bill of Rights is at, visited 6/16/06)

Websites for Mark Twain quotations. -- allows one to read sample pages of new books to see how you like them

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