The unspoken word never does harm.

~ Kossuth ~



While this is undoubtedly a general truth, I should think that

there are times when an unspoken kindness,

an unspoken expression of caring, concern, compassion and

empathy could do a great deal of harm.


How often I wonder, has the despondent man  or woman who

simply needs to know he is not alone or that someone cares,

 prematurely ended his life.


How often I wonder, has a man or woman in a moment of

pain, confusion and turmoil turned to alcohol and drugs for relief,

only to  find themselves lost in even greater desperation.


Yes, it is true that an unspoken word will usually cause no harm.

Following the rule that silence is golden is often the wisest choice,

however, there are times when not expressing our love for one

another results in tremendous loss of our greatest asset;

Each other.