True Success


Character is more important than intelligence

for success.

~ Gilberte Beaux ~†††††



The wealth of a man cannot be weighed

by possessions or position.

True wealth can only be measured

by the lives he has enriched & nourished,

by the love he has given.




When all is said & done a mans success will not be measured by

the positions he has attained or the money he has accumulated.

He will not be remembered for his degrees, the house he lived in or the car he drove.

He will be known for the kindness he showed, his generosity, the love that he shared with his fellows.

He will be missed not for his achievements but for his heart.




Success is not so much a destination point

as it is a way of thinking & believing,

a way of perceiving & living.

Success is embracing a dream & never, ever

giving up.








Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

~ Author Unknown ~


ďWith men this is impossible, but all things are possible with God.Ē

Jesus of Nazareth - Matt. 19:26




Never take the God quotient out of your thinking.


As you survey the path before you attempting to decide whether to go

to the left or the right remember to pause in prayer

asking for guidance, then move forward in confidence.


As you face the difficulties, the trials & tribulations of this world

keep in mind that your ability to make choices is limited

by your experiences, by a finite mind that is not able to see clearly

where those choices will lead.

Always take a moment to pray, to seek divine inspiration, then

allow yourself to go forth encouraged & filled with a

sense of assurance & rightness.


As you develop this practice you will begin to recognize that

where in the past you made many erroneous decisions leading to

confusion & turmoil, you now find yourself walking through

circumstancesin complete peace & harmony, regardless of

outward circumstances.


Things that seemed impossible will now be seen with clarity,

inevitably leading to fulfillment, contentment, peace, joy &


The power packed potential within you, will be realized.


Maintain a sense of balance & humility realizing that the potential

was a gift from God & the ability, the power to utilize it comes

from a Divine source as well.





The moment of enlightenment is when a persons dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities

~Vic Braden~


Dreams are the beginning of all greatness however,

to achieve greatness the dream must become more.


For any dream to become a reality it must go through

stages of transformation.


From the dream stage it must become a plan with

clearly definable objectives, steps in a logical

order outlined to achieve the desired end.


At this point action is required.

There is no way around it, for the dream to become

a recognizable truth, work is required.

Nothing in life happens just because itís a good,

or noble idea. Many worthy concepts fade

like morning mist due to lack of energy & effort.


Essential ingredients at this point are faith, patience,

diligence, commitment, determination & consistency.

By utilizing these principles nothing will prove

out ofreach.


Dream, dreams of greatness & be resolute in your

pursuit of them. Surround yourself with others

who are of like mind. Help others achieve their dreams

& yours will not only be realized but multiplied a

100 fold.







The best mirror is an old friend.

George Herbert (1593-1632, British Metaphysical Poet)


This is especially true when we are straying from

what is not only best for ourselves but others as well.


A true friend holds us accountable and encourages

us to always strive for our utmost.

While the true friend loves us regardless of our

mistakes, they also correct & exhort us towards

realizing our full promise.

A major aspect of their love for us rests in their ability to perceive

the potential within us that we are often unaware of.


A true friend will not idly stand by allowing us to

make unwise or unhealthy choices.

They will always reflect back to us truths that we may

not be able to see.

They will be a helpmate, a counselor, a motivator, standing beside

us in lean times, as well as times of abundance.


In order to insure that we have true friends we must be willing

to accept truth, offering the same in return.

We must first & foremost be a friend.
















When the archer misses the mark, he turns and looks

for the fault within himself.

Failure to hit the bullís eye is never the fault of the target.

To improve your aim - improve yourself.


~ Gilbert Arland ~


Self improvement has no final destination point. For as long as

we live there will be things to learn, available enhancements to

self that will createsubstantial increase in our lives.


An essential ingredient for any human being to be happy is

continuous, purposeful growth. When we first conceive within

ourselves a plan for self improvement the seed is planted. As

we move step by step towards the goal, we are nurturing that

seed and will inevitably realize a harvest of peace, joy

and fulfillment.


Of all the disciplines we can learn, self improvement is one of

the most important. Every area of life is enriched as we

improve self. Whether mental, emotional , spiritual or physical

we can achieve more, be more.


As we improve we become more effective in all we do. Those

around us will enjoy the fruit of our labors as well, this means

that those we love and care about the most will benefit in many

ways, most notably by learning as they witness the results

of our desire, determination and discipline.