Meaning of Life


The search is what anyone would undertake if he were not sunk in the everydayness of his own life. To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair.

Walker Percy

1916-1990, American Novelist



As I had my evening chat with God last night I was struck with the overwhelming

sense that life is far too short, too fleeting.

The awareness that each days passing brings us one day closer to that moment in

time when we will relinquish our tenuous hold on life struck my consciousness

like a sledgehammer.


We mustnít allow ourselves to spend one instant in unnecessary self-pity,

self-gratification, self-obsession. In fact all self thoughts must be eliminated.

All that gives life meaning is outside of self.

Without exception the totality of the meaning of our lives comes through

the process of giving.


We have the capacity to give in many ways.

To the lonely - companionship.

To the hurting - empathy.

To the lost - direction, meaning & purpose.

To the confused - understanding.

To the angry - compassion & love.

To the hungry - nourishment.

To the poor - a helping hand.

To the sad - a moment of tenderness.

To all - a smile, a nod, any recognition that their existence is valued, appreciated.


In the end we will not feel that our life has had true significance

as a result of the possessions we have accumulated.

We will not look back on our achievements of scholarly excellence &

say this gave my life worth. The richness of a persons life can be weighed

by only one common denominator, the lives he or she has enriched.


If you stop & think deeply about the life experiences that have brought you joy,

those things that have given you a sense of fulfillment it will become clear that

in those moments you were giving & sharing with others.

We must make every moment, of every day count. We must lose self & give our

very best.