Loss is nothing else but change, and change is Nature's delight.


Marcus Aurelius

121-80 AD, Roman Emperor, Philosopher



Life contains within each day loss of many kinds.

We are always saying goodbye to someone or something.

This is the truth of it, one of two absolute truths.


Sadness of course comes when we must say goodbye

to someone we have loved and will miss.

Misery comes when we refuse to let go, or to allow the

passing take place with grace and gratitude for having

had the opportunity to share their life.


Letting go is difficult, but to resist or deny its process

is to deny truth, it is futile for nothing we know of with

the exception of change & Godsí unyielding love

is constant.


Every morning as we rise we would do well to say goodbye

to the person we were yesterday, that person is no longer

with you, he or she has learned, gained new insights, grown or

digressed in stagnation & decay, regardless they are not the

same today as yesterday.


Perhaps by going through this process of saying goodbye to

the old us and welcoming the new we would develop the

acceptance required to experience all loss with dignity, grace

& possibly even joy as we embrace the natural flow of

an ever changing world.