He who knows enough is enough

will always have enough.


(BC 600-?, Chinese Philosopher, Founder of Taoism,

Author of the Tao Te Ching



A wonderful truth is that if you are reading this then

you have far more than enough.


You may not have all you want, you may wish you had

this or that but in truth you have more than enough.


The man living in the park, eating meals at the mission

and wearing designer hand me downs from the local

thrift has enough.


The mother standing at the welfare office waiting for vouchers

To feed her family has enough.


While this may sound cold or callous it really isnít.

For you see that while there are always greater comforts,

and luxuries to desire, the truth is, that as long as we

are above ground,breathing in & out then, there is both hope.

As long as the pulse of life remains there will be

potential in each & every day.

Everything is subject to change.


The only people without enough, are those ten feet under.