Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become.

Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day become;

Your ideal is the prophecy of what you will one day unveil.

~ James Allen ~

1864-1912 (Author of “As a Man Thinketh)



My dream.

I have a dream where I am prospering in every area of life (I’m getting close).


In this dream I am doing so well financially that I am able to rent a banquet hall

 seating thousands & have provided a wonderful meal, a motivational speaker, and

copies of my written works for all the invited guests.

“Discovering Spirituality“

“Basic Seeds” (Collected Poetry)

“Wisdom” (A collection of Daily Seeds)


Now, it is the guests that make this dream so very special, for they are every person

I have ever interacted with, yes, every single person throughout my life, if even for

only a brief  moment.


After everyone has eaten & the speaker has given his gift I have the opportunity

to step up to the podium and address the gathered peoples.


It is important to recognize that many of these people are those who I knew when

I was lost in the hopelessness & desperation of alcoholism & drug addiction.


They are people who believed in me, saw a potential within me that I was unaware

of. They showed me kindness, understanding, compassion, & generosity which I

repaid with lies, deceit, theft, adultery & numerous other negative behaviors.


Many are people that I had an opportunity to share goodness with

and neglected the opportunity. Leaving them perhaps unscathed by my

self-obsession but also no better off for the meeting.


A few are those who throughout the years I managed to give something of value to.


To those I harmed, I am able to ask forgiveness, making full and complete amends.

To those I neglected, I am able to give the gift of kindness and compassion.

To all I am able to share my thanksgiving for their giving & sharing of love;


Afterward I walk away cleansed. Free of the past. Free to be in the moment. Free to move

forward in complete and total peace.

Let me thank each of you now. Please know that I love & appreciate you

beyond my ability to say!




The truth is that there is nothing noble in being superior to somebody else. The only real nobility is in being superior to your former self.

~ Whitney Young ~



So many people seem to lock themselves in a little box, living with the belief that

“I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.” (Popeye circa 1950)

They in turn put everyone else in a similar little box and unwittingly

discourage all from change & growth.


The weed seeds of negative thought that lead to stagnation and unhappiness

take hold in the unprotected, untended mind..

These weed seeds of limitations produce more of their own kind creating

a cesspool of  discontent.


A key to the accomplishment of our hopes & dreams in this life is to guard the

garden of our minds allowing only  encouraging, positive thought seed to root themselves.

We must consistently pull the negative thought weeds allowing for healthy growth..


Each & every one of us, has the ability to control the type of thought seed

that is planted in the garden of our minds.

 By carefully & attentively choosing the seeds we plant we create a garden

that produces a sweet harvest of productive fruit.


Do not allow the limitations others place on themselves determine what you

can or cannot do. Take charge of your own thought belief system.


Live according to the principle that all good things are possible for those

who are willing & determined to work for them.

Live in resolute & consistent control of your thoughts.


When the voice of self-doubt whispers in your mind that you cannot.

Replace that limiting self defeating thought.

Turn on the light.

Think power thoughts.

I can!

I Will!

I am!

There is nothing I cannot accomplish if I truly have the desire!