Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs 
of tedium and distaste. The gain in self confidence of having 
accomplished a tiresome labor is immense.
~ Thomas A. Bennett ~
For the addict, alcoholic who has lived life based in immediate 
gratification, self obsession & a complete lack of discipline this is probably 
one of the most difficult aspects of the
recovery process.
Realizing that we are going to have to work at our recovery, that 
periods of discomfort & dis-ease are inherently going to accompany our 
growth & change is not a welcome revelation.
None the less, it is a truth that must be faced and overcome if we are 
going to achieve a new state of awareness and being. Enduring the 
accompanying pain of facing our demons and rectifying our past requires a 
dedication & fortitude that is opposite of our customary behaviors. 
Most of us have based our reactions to life’s circumstances on emotion, 
rather than logical,
intelligent thought. We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by 
childish, immature dictates that have led from one calamity to the next.
The recovery process which leads to an eventual state of peace, balance 
& serenity mandates that we adopt new & essentially foreign attitudes & 
We are required to willingly endure the uneasiness of this radical 
change without complaint, without seeking the easier softer way that is our 
Developing the characteristics of a truly successful person & achieving 
the state of balance that we have lacked is accomplished only through 
the practice of single minded resolve.
It is essential that we recognize these truths enduring them with all 
the fortitude & grace at
our command.
Instead of wallowing in the stagnant cesspool of self pity, bitterness, 
anger,& remorse we must face our challenges with gratitude and 
We must purposefully enter into the service of our fellows. Trusting 
that within that service we will experience a birthing of freedom, 
purpose & joy  that we have not previously known.
We must do these things based in the faith that as we do so, we will 
realize a new self, a new confidence, a new meaning & direction for our 
We must do these things with a dedication & unwavering determination 
that will not allow for any discouragement or setback to deter us from 
our goal of being healthy, happy, positive contributors of  light rather 
than lepers scarring the world in
which we live. We must live in the solution, not the problem.
David lee
Let no circumstance, no affair of this world detract you from the 
universal purpose of sharing your love.