Life has no other discipline to impose, if we would but realize it, than to accept life unquestioningly. Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate or despise, serves to defeat us in the end. What seems nasty, painful, evil, can become a source of beauty, joy and strength, if faced with an open mind. Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such. Henry Miller 1891-1980, American Author


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

The courage to change the things I can.

And the wisdom to know the difference.


While many in the 12 step fellowships would believe

that we are powerless over people, places and things

and that the only thing we can change is ourselves,

this is not an absolute truth.

While it is true that in this moment the only thing I can

control, alter, or command is myself.

Through the power of the spoken word I have the potential to

effect change in an unlimited capacity.

The word seeds I plant in the hearts & minds of

others have within them the potential to alter the

course of human existence.

 I determine who & what I am, & the quality of seed I plant,

recognizing fully that before the seed I plant matures

& bears fruit, time must pass.

If I combine prayer, patience, and perseverance with the

passing of time  then I can change:

Hatred to Love

Condemnation to Forgiveness

Prejudice to Acceptance

Judgment to Humility

Turmoil to Serenity

Discord to Harmony


I must not allow our propensity for desiring immediate gratification

deter me from recognizing that I can and am responsible for the seed

I plant.