Usage on this site is that we often choose to capitalize pronouns referring to the LORD ("He," "Him," etc), because there is so much argument over pronoun usage and I want to make it clear that it requires some understanding. Some denounce "he" as implying that God is male, which my people never believed for one moment. I use these as traditional, not masculine, pronouns. No thoroughly-workable substitute has ever been put in place, and the traditional people understood that "he" could be gender-indeterminate as well as masculine. Hopefully you will allow us to believe that linguistic gender and biological gender are two different matters.

One commentator has noted that once pronouns for the LORD are banished, and God is not spoken of as other persons are, the LORD God begins to seem less like a real person ... Capitalizing the pronoun is done to emphasize, for those who are willing to hear, that it is a traditional, not a masculine, pronoun.

I was privileged to study the Luiseno Indian language some, and it has the single pronoun "po" for he, she, or it. If you like that, feel free to email from homepage for comments...

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