We are starting a prayer endeavor.
Our country is in profound need, and we're not the only one!
Under all the problems and threats, lies fronhma sarkoV "the mind of the flesh."
Join with us in prayer! Details below.

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For reasons discussed below, great concern has come for our nation and the others. So, we started a prayer endeavor (begun with Rev. David Byrd, as detailed below). NOW, however, the prayer endeavor has changed:
Ah, Lord, deliver us from 'the mind of the flesh' ! [Rom. 8]
Grant us to love You with all of heart and mind and soul and strength,
and neighbor as self -- according to Your holy, gracious, mighty, wise and loving word, to the fullness of Your interests! [Phlp 2:21] -- in grace abounding
Grant us to worship You in
SPIRIT and in truth, perfectly so, according to Your word and in Your grace.

The first "prayer endeavor" came into focus June 2005:
At a CFO Prayer Camp, I rose at dawn and wrote a prayer request in the lakeside chapel. May we ask you to join in praying for grace?

My country is 8 trillion dollars in debt, and planning to sink hundreds of billions a year further... -- UPDATE 6/06 make that 9 trillion...

My friend's country has 71% of the people needing more food than they get, 37 million people hungry (Congo). Ah, Lord, all these people in need!

People do not know the Lord or live in Him as they might

We pray
Save, Lord
and thank You!

After the one-year anniversary of this “prayer endeavor,” the need was felt to add, “In whatever ways our country is not right, Lord, we pray You, forgive and save.”

Also, we joined in prayer after that FOR those in authority over these issues -- what pressures they work under, what powerful things impacting them!

This undertaking was begun with prayer 10/17/04 Sunday with Rev. David Byrd, author of the "Seeds" meditations, who is part Cherokee Indian.. We invite you to join us (Link at bottom discusses how to participate with this endeavor) (By the way, "CFO" "Camps Farthest Out" is a prayer/spiritual community camp model started in 1930 by Glenn Clark, and used world-wide now -- www.campsfarthestout.org, or www.cfointernational.org)

WHY CONCERN verging on alarm? (see update below before you laugh!)
Forty years ago, my high school history teacher (Robert Downing) told me that the classical experience with democracy is that it is a fine form of government, it works very well -- UNTIL the people discover that they can vote themselves benefits out of the public treasury, and then democracies dissolve in fiscal chaos.
How we rejoice in the positive help given people by such things as the new prescription drug program by the federal government! But, as we watch record-breaking deficits converge with the upcoming need for the federal government to pay out the "boomer" retirement benefits, part of our prayer is for our beloved country to be delivered from the fiscal devastation spoken of by the teacher, himself a student of past historical realities. . (You can see on the "Africa" link from the homepage that we pray for others to receive deliverance concerning THEIR special needs, also.) (For a meditation on keeping the issues of this life in perspective, click here).
UPDATE 21 March 2009: Current deficit plans are 1.8 trillion this fiscal year, then deficits cumulating to 9.3 trillion -- Congressional Budget Office estimate -- for the following ten fiscal years. THAT makes a total of 11.1 trillion per current proposed budget plans, 11.1 trillion ADDED debt on top of roughly that much now. To understand these numbers, remember that a billion dollars is roughly $3 for every American; thus, a trillion dollars is about $3,000 for EVERY American.

* The Drift: A Totally Different View of What Columbus Has to Say to Our Times
-- the slide in how we are, set in light of a historical parable of destruction

A prayer heartfelt today:
O righteous God,
who searches minds and hearts,
bring to an end the violence of the wicked
and make the righteous secure.
Bible, Ps. 7:9 NIV -- posted 10/26/04

Ah, Father, you are the great and awesome God, Lord indeed! May the knowledge of You cover the earth as the waters cover the seas!
[Scripture, Isaiah 11:9]

Father, we give You thanks for all the things we take for granted -- may there be to You perfect praise and thanksgiving.
The unending worship of heaven... a priest's statement, for your comments. Amid concern for our jeopardies and the crises of the world, we may remember that we have a precious opportunity: we have the opportunity to be what God is looking for, "for such the Father seeks" John 4:23 [worship IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH ]

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Background page, click for more information This information includes America's revival from chaos after the Revolution.

Information on the African need that we noted, is on the website of Bishop Albert Kadima, a native Congolese.
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