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In the letter you just saw, I noted the deliverance the Lord brought to me, from a habit of many years. I wrote that letter in November 2004, and in the Spring of this year, April 2005, some additional insights came to me:

As I look back over the decades since that precious and gracious deliverance, suddenly I realize depths to it that I did not see:

I could have been, save for the gracious Spirit’s touch,
-- 1) dying of lung cancer, as marijuana is harder on the system than tobacco -- and I saw the ravages of cancer. I had an Aunt who was a chronic smoker (of the regular cigarettes), and died of cancer. My Aunt’s arm shriveled up as the cancer devoured her body, till the arm was thinner than her elbow joint, and the skin on her head pulled taut looking like a skull, with pain beyond the reach of the doctors’ medication ... I WAS SPARED
-- 2) people get “messed up” and run their cars into others, some with the burden of living maimed, some with the burden of living with the knowledge of having killed others... Others suffer arrest, harsh expenses, jail and all that. A wide variety of ills befall “smokers” of the stuff I was most graciously delivered from
-- 3) one of the least remarked on "ills" of smoking marijuana is the simple loss of the opportunities of the time that goes up in smoke ...

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