I wrote this in a letter 11/04 to a person who testified at a community meeting about the power of prayer, specifically urging people to pray for people in the grip of drug problems:

Dear ___ :

I attended U.C. Berkeley (successfully), smoked marijuana daily for more than a decade, and then one evening when I was sitting in my apartment rolling a joint, a thought came into my mind -- one that had the intensity of a neon sign and a special character to it that said clearly it was not my own thought. It said, very specifically, “The Holy Spirit wants you to stop smoking marijuana.” Well, you may understand that in those days, we consider smoking this stuff practically a constitutional right. (I had a friend tell me in all seriousness that the Bible tells us to smoke marijuana, and when I said I must have missed that, he quoted the Genesis verse [KJV] where God told the people, “I have given you every herb to use.”)

By the time of this occurrence, I was back to being a daily Bible reader, and the Bible came to mind then: “Test everything, hold on to what is good.” So, in the days after this thought entered my world, I would pray over every joint -- and my lungs began to burn when I smoked it. I said to myself, “I’ve been smoking this for more than a decade and my lungs have never burned, this is the word of God for me.” So I quit.

I don’t know whether this message applies to everyone. I was told of one aboriginal area where, “Entire villages have turned away from alcohol abuse by smoking marijuana.” It may still be “substance abuse” but they do less beating their spouses and children that way... Anyway, I bring my experience to you because you have spoken on behalf of the power of prayer, and it is right and true, the Lord does act to save people.

(signed ... )

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