In 1984 I had the privilege of driving the AlCan highway, from Fairbanks Alaska across the Canada northwest provinces back into the "States." Days and days of driving through massive forests, only occassionally seeing human habitation (although towns with gas stations come up about every hour, so it works real well). I passed a small lake where the ice had melted away from the shore but still covered almost all the surface (this being May), and the wind rippled it and made a sound like wind chimes...

The Northern Lights blessed me in Ft. St. John (do I remember that name right?) and the good system of Canada (much like America's) brought me a locksmith when I locked myself out of my car in pouring rain (and, I was blessed to eat escargot while I waited, in a restaurant where they were very nice to me). As I crossed in Alberta, however, a problem came hard against me: I needed a place to park for the night to sleep in the back of my station wagon, and so I turned down a dirt road marked for a recreation area.

Alas, the road was too narrow to turn around, and it was a sea of mud from recent rains. I sped down in deeper and deeper into the woods ... After miles of this, I emerged at the top of a hillside, looking down on a sea of mud where the road descended and widened into a turn-around. I thought, "If I go down there, the mud will be deeper from the water running downhill, and once I get stuck, I will have to walk out -- all the miles I came in on this dirt/mud road, and however many miles to some outpost of civilization." As it was now about midnight, prospects for any traffic to assist me at the main road were slim, and the hike to that road would be more than an inconvenience.

My prayer was answered with another of those "special thoughts," with the message, "Sleep for half an hour, the mud will dry out enough for you to turn around in the near part, and you'll escape the next rain that is coming in." I lifted my eyes to the horizon, where a new fact greeted me: another rain was indeed on its way. I climbed into the back of the station wagon, fell sound asleep -- and the Lord graciously awakened me after my half hour nap. The nap was such a blessing after a hard day's travel and the trauma of this side trip! Indeed, I was able to take the car through a tight turn and head out, delivered and glad.

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