MORE short topics ... (a few key ones, then an alphabetic list)

Why the issues of the day are not so important

How can the holy Trinity be understood?

What the Indians knew...

Famed expounder of science, atheist Carl Sagan, comments on how closely scientific perspective tracks to Genesis. ! !

*** Why freedom does not equal the casting off of restraints

Leaving Post-Modernism: How to Reason Our Way Forward

Bob, these religious cranks are always after me to want to live forever. I have a hard enough time making through the week, and harder yet to make it through the year to my vacation. I don't think I could stand to live forever! Why you should desire eternal life ·

Adam & Eve: Dick Fischer puts Scripture's "literal" Adam and Eve together with "science" on its own terms, in his paper on "Historical Adam" (See the "Creation/ other comments" menu below for a different, perhaps better approach...)

Affairs: an informed view: the empirical reality

Africa: for your prayers... Note: this takes you to another site that I have posted. Congo has suffered the largest war since World War II, and brother Albert ministers among this -- full info there.

America -- notes of note -- what our treaties say about who we are, how George Washington spoke to the nation about God, and more...

Articles of interest & some cartoons ("media" articles are listed as a separate topic below)

Atonement by Christ -- discussion of how this has been understood, and a Scriptural citation that we have not heard in this regard

Bible resources -- in this website, and some links for search, commentary etc.

Blog ... miscellaneous jottings

"BORN AGAIN" -- a doctor's commentary

Catherine Marshall on how Jesus looks at sin

Cherokee Trinity -- a pre-contact understanding of Divinity of the greatest interest

Christ's robe of suffering: "scarlet" per Mt. 27: 28, 29, "bright clothing" per literal Greek for Luke 23:11 -- see the portrayal from a Mexican cathedral that combines these perfectly. Did they go to such lengths to mock Him? A mediatation...

Christmas: December 25th?? and other notes

Church history -- a comment on the core of it

Church - Why you should be a member of a local church per Rick Warren, Purpose-Driven Life

Coincidence convicts... a true story

Confession of Sin

--The "days" of Genesis 1 & 2: a vital language note from the Hebrew.
-- A DRAMATIC convergence of science and religion over the last 800 years
--Menu of other comments including St. Augustine from circa 400 A.D.
-- A note on the importance of "Adam and Eve"
-- Scientist Gerald Schroeder asserts that seen under Relativity, the six days of Genesis 1 ARE the 15 billion years of earth history observed by scientists

Culture: Why you should not take your cues from this culture

Da Vinci Code -- what are the facts? Was the "deity of Jesus" invented centuries after His ministry? AND -- Is there a document that exposes a long-term conspiracy? (Note "Deity of Christ" link below also)

Deity of Our Lord Jesus Christ -- some reference notes, both that this awareness long pre-dated Constantine AND a few of the many Scriptural citations

Deficit -- continuing, massive federal deficits as major threat

Discernment: finding God's will

THE DRIFT -- a parable of our times, of greatest concern -- is under "Stories and Presentations" on the main menu


Einstein and the "lake of fire"

Emailing to us: Click for email link

"Encountering Islam" -- see "Islam," below ("encounter" of China with Christianity is on that "Encountering Islam" page also)

Espanol -- algunas cosas buenos y preciosos Spanish is one of the three languages in today's world that are spoken (as first languages) by more than 300 million people, and I prize the meager Spanish that I know. This link takes you to the Lord's Prayer and some other Scriptures in Spanish.

e-Sword: a wonderful FREE Bible study program you can download, which I illustrate the features of...

EXILE: An American In Exile: a meditation on changes in "my" country

Evolution: a dilemma...

FAITH -- How to build it

Fear of the Lord: Is that like our "fear" today?

Forgiveness -- some comments by a Muslim, recorded in the media. Not all Muslims are the same! We praise God for the Muslim who said, "These 'Muslims' who are killing people, that is not the Islam of my father and that is not the Islam of my grandfather."

Applying mathematics to fornication -- how rapidly the impact adds up from a little bit of "running around"

Gambling or "Gaming"

1) notes on preaching the Gospel
2) A question for your comments? "Can Streamlining Be Bad," do we sometimes summarize the Gospel too baldly to really convey what people need to hear?

Gospel of Zion Christian fellowship by Rev. Adolf LaCoste is on another website

Greek: A comment on essential Greek language...

Gun control -- one cause I took up...

Harsh-sounding words in the Bible? A comment on speaking properly to "reality."


Heaven ... or, see following, ?

Hell: reconsidered...

Holiness: "God's desire for the best in all"


-- (1) Letter drafted 9/11/05 re issue for citizens from "Gay Marriage"

-- (2) a statement 2/21/04, 7/24/04

-- (3) Sounds harsh, the Bible word? A comment on speaking properly to "reality."

"Hooking up" -- is keeping it down, an adequate solution? The effects of multiple partners on exposure to "issues" (STDs)

How America can be...

Idolatry of self: the final battle? (or is idolatry of partial truths the final battle?)

Indians' knowledge of a vital truth, which we may ascribe to direct revelation long before the Bible reached them?

Indian roots of our America -- the Native contribution to American democracy a full exposition of the roots of American democracy in the Founders' viewing of the Iroquois success

Indian-interest links -- our "short list"

Why we use "Indian" here instead of "Native American"
(except for an Eskimo/Inuit on the Great Power, under "Native American" below

A note: Indian people did invent the wheel, "pre-contact."

IN EXILE: An American In Exile: a meditation on changes in "my" country
(this was listed also earlier under "E" for "Exile," now it's here under "I" for "In Exile." We must like this exposition! Oh well.

Iraq: Saddam's Iraq and Terror: headline April 03

A) Encountering Islam
B) Qur'an (Koran) -- notes (Al-Azhar "translation" introduction and others)
C) Forgiving - a Muslim's comments
D)One particular happy Muslim woman>... ? What is this to you, dear reader?

a Jealous God -- ?? How do we see virtue in that?

Jefferson was wrong -- but how can we really believe that?
-- a meditation on reading the Bible "critically and faithfully"

-- 1) Is it true that, "In much of North America and Europe, the younger generations have little knowledge of the central figure in the formation of Western culture" ?
An exhibit of 'Jesus through the ages of art' is a meditation as well as informing of central aspects of Christ's nature
(The quote is from them)
-- 2) Our brief meditation the Passion of The Christ discusses why "THE" Christ
-- 3) Understanding Jesus requires addressing the blessed holy Trinity

-- MORE -- click here for additional "short topics" on Jesus
(For our "long exposition" on Jesus, our relation to what He has done in terms of how our culture has come to be today, please see the sermon "The Drift," a historical parable drawn from Columbus's loss of his flagship "Santa Maria."

Last Supper: A different view (use "back" to return after viewing)

Light -- a special thanksgiving for its grandeur, which was made clear to me as I observed the great Creation

Martin Luther King's experience of hearing Jesus's voice at a time of need

Media: An "apology to the world" for the evil things in American media...
Media portrayals as triggers to violence, including murder:
First article ("The Matrix" and "Natural Born Killers")
Second article ("Grand Theft Auto" video game)
A cartoon illustrates the effect of TV on young minds! Another view: A columnist uses the word "degrading" Use "back" after viewing; may need to use "expand" button

*** "Mind of the flesh" -- a phrase of great remark

Miracles -- comments on the evidence for the Resurrection by a British philosopher long famed as a debater for atheism (Antony Flew)

Muslim notes -- please see "Islam," alphabetically ordered above.

Native American --
1) an Eskimo/Inuit comment on the Great Power
2)please see "Indian" above for other materials

Nazism -- was Nazi Germany "Christian" ?

"New birth" -- some comments per the obvious observations of a neurosurgeon

Passion of the Christ -- a very brief

Peter and "the rock": How may we think about the meanings of Matthew 16:13-19?

Police and policing: an asset for the poor

The Poor

Post-Modernism: How to Reason Our Way Forward (this is a duplicate reference to the "Leaving Post-Modernism" link at the top, in case anyone is looking for this topic alphabetically. It may be the most important point we have to offer America's intellectual life (or is understanding "The Trinity" more so?)

Prayer: our prayer undertaking

Pronoun usage: a language note: gender-neutral

Prophecies of Christ

Religions: The various religions classified, which leads to some clarity.

Relativity per Einstein

Repentance prayer: U.S. National Repentance Prayer

Sabbath -- an article advocating we keep the "Day of Rest" Commandment, even among our American busy-ness
2) Another article, lamenting America's loss of "Sunday"

Science and religion converge in some basic and interesting ways over the last 800 years

Science Resurrects God -- an article of note, thought-provoking? ("Creation" above for other "science" links...)

Scriptures of special note to us now

"SEEDS" -- the profound daily meditations by Rev. David Byrd, teaching us to "sow to the Spirit" (New Testament quote) because "those who sow sparingly will reap sparingly" (same Scripture)
Rev. Byrd has some Cherokee Indian ancestry.

Confession of Sin
Catherine Marshall on how Jesus looks at sin
and another: the great historian Arnold Toynbee on modern Western elimination of the sense of sin, versus the Hellenistic culture's careful effort to bring in this capacity

Sounds harsh, the Bible word? A comment on speaking properly to "reality."

Statement of faith:One that I liked

Supreme Court: A letter to the U.S. Supreme Court

Telemachus -- the story of a monk who gave his life to turn back violence, who seems to have vanished from our "up-to-date" resources.

Thanksgiving --
a) Proclamation by the new U.S. federal government, about three weeks after drafting of Bill of Rights (including First Amendment) had been drafted
b) Proclamations by the U.S. Continental Congress (1777) and Thomas Jefferson as Governor of Virginia (1779) (scroll it down, then use "back" to return here)
c) -- some key items per Rev. Schuller
d) -- President Abraham Lincoln's thanksgiving proclamation, 1863

a special thanksgiving for the grandeur of light, shown as it illuminates all of creation for us

The tithe (one-tenth to the Lord)

Treaties -- the "Treaty of Tripoli" is alleged to tell about America, BUT the treaty that made us an independent nation tells more

Trinity -- some ways of understanding the doctrine of the blessed holy Trinity (this is a duplicate of the link at the very top of this page)

The TWO WITNESSES of Revelation 11 -- another view

Variants in the Bible text -- a random sample of them from Metzger's A Textual Commentary to illustrate what these amount to

VIOLENCE -- the celebration of violence as a strategy, turns on its participants to show the reality of the whole thing: Hamas Sept. 2005 (this is one vignette from a tortured world. See "media" commentary links above for more penetrating thoughts on violence...

Vision: God's message to a pastor about what vision is needed and what it will do

What's New in "Topics" -- our priority update notes for your possible interest
(We offered this off the homepage, but if you raced forward to read our whole list of topics and now your eyes are glazed over with glut, here's a ray of hope...)

"Works Of God And Man" -- a brief meditation


The "prayer endeavor" page has prayers we would put for your consideration

The "unending worship of heaven" has Scripture references for this

Zoe -- Greek word for "life," expounded by Bosworth and Wigglesworth as the kind of life Christ came to bring (John 10:10)

*** -- Other topics to be added! As we hadn't carried on long enough, eh?
You are of course invited to email us your topic requests and comments (email link on homepage).

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