A Different Last Supper painting
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See the exhibit 'Jesus through the ages of art' which that painting came from... 2,000 years of people thinking about Him, arranged by topic areas ... thanks to the Canadian Heritage Information Network

Click for Puerto Vallarta Mexico (PVR) -- Uncle Bob was blessed to go, because a friend shared his timeshare -- you can go for the price of click!
A report on Bob's experiences of a beautiful, friendly, very interesting place, and one that a traveller from afar can cope with very well, Thank You Lord.
* * * In Puerto Vallarta, Bob got a chance to SEE Jesus in a different light -- click here to go directly to that part of the report.... A meditation on Jesus, by the Cathedral in PVR, at the moment when they "put a scarlet robe on Him ... and mocked Him" Mt. 27: 28, 29.
-- The Lord blesses us in many ways to ENJOY His creation, and the * * * "pirate drama tour" in PVR was the talking point of Bob's trip. To take THAT tour, click above for PVR, and select the Pirate tour link at the lower right of the table of links.

Goliath in the Great Cathedral -- a nature meditation

A rose is a rose ... the latest technological product, a special rose... (then use "back" of course)

Graphic: Be Transformed By the Renewing of Your Mind -- Scripture, Rom. 12:2

A meditation graphic of some key points of Scripture...

Our "Cherokee cross" -- with "Thank You Jesus" in Cherokee on it

Coyote is a major character in much Native American literature. Meet Coyote, as seen in one California archaeological site...

Learn some Indian language -- without using English! (Click each graphic to proceed to next one).

A "blood-chit" from the American participation in the Korean War: a tool for deliverance...

Cultural difference: French and American ways conflict, let's understand...

A Prayer to the Great Spirit, which was brought to us by the Crazy Horse Memorial Project in South Dakota USA (for their fascinating work, please see www.crazyhorse.org (donations accepted, of course)

My favorite Luiseno Indian phrase... Mrs. Hyde, whose work to preserve her people's heritage brought me this, saw "no conflict" between her Tribe's traditional revelation and her devout Catholicism
[ref: Dict.]

Links for Christian humor and   Mark Twain quotes   are in the LINKS section ( Links / "Let's Go Visiting" )

P.S. -- If you did NOT visit the link above for 'Jesus through the ages of art' by the Canadian Heritage Information Network, may we urge you to give it a glance and bookmark it for possible future meditation?
Why? Perhaps their stated rationale is of interest:
"Why is this exhibition important? In much of North America and Europe, the younger generations have little knowledge of the central figure in the formation of Western culture."
-- From the introduction to the exhibit, 2/25/05 visit

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