"Mind of the flesh" fronhma sarkoV FRO-nay-ma sar-KOS

This phrase is so fundamental to Scripture, that it came across a millenium and a half of generation-to-generation transmittal, to go from the Greek of the New Testament into the English "Articles of Religion" of the Anglican Church unchanged, still appearing in Greek -- the only Greek language in the Articles of Religion. That must note some importance of it! The phrase comes from the Bible, Romans chapter 8.

Our story "In a Dream, In a Vision of the Night..." touches on one of the major "mind of the flesh" areas current today ...

We need to write further about it, if you have reached this link, please email us from the main menu and we will send you our further exposition when we are able to get it written. Thank you. 10/26/02.
Update 7/2/04: America's "Independence Day" is coming -- we have only expanded this narrative by adding the Greek text at the top, and what could we say that would compare with referring you to Romans 8? "Devote yourself to public reading of Scripture," Paul told his disciple... (NT)

America's independence celebration does, however, remind us that "freedom" can be abused -- and the "mind of the flesh" shows in
how Americans can sometimes be
and we note some effects of it also in discussing
"abortion in Afghanistan?"

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