BELOW ARE two fundamental truths that we found in Indian culture:
1) "Hesed": living by faithful love
2) a "Trinitarian" understanding of God from certain ancient Cherokee Indian reports

1) "Hesed" is Hebrew for "faithful, enduring, committed love." The Luiseno Indians of Southern California knew this from divine revelation -- the Great Power of the Universe, the One True God, has been communicating with the people in many ways at all times (for Bible believers, see Ps. 145:9; Heb. 1:1,2 -- Is. 49:10 and Neh. 9:27-28 may also be of interest in this vast set of topics).

This is what the Indians told Boscana: A specter appeared to them. When it had appeared to them repeatedly, they approached it, they made entreaties to it and asked it its name. It told them its name was Chingichngisch, and it gave them rules for living. One of these was faithful marriage. In their marriage ceremonies, the Luiseno wise elders would tell the couple, "Chingichngish has given you your spouse, you must be faithful to your spouse." -- ( by the way, we are creating a page of Indian-interest links, click here if interested)

This same concept is of course fundamental to the revelation of God in the Old Testament (the Hebrew Scriptures of the Jewish people, a "People of the Book.") It has been said that every society which has endured successfully over time, has been founded on marriage. Yet in America today, we hear the concept of "sexually active," in a society where "passivity" is scorned.

This concept is closed tied to the concept of the "mind of the flesh"

2) CHEROKEE ANTIQUITY: a "trinitarian" consciousness of God was reported among the ancient Cherokees; click here to read the reference
The pre-"contact" religions and cultural understandings of Indian people have (rightly) been of much interest (note our short topic that Indian people DID invent the wheel)
A Cherokee friend brought a key reference to my attention, which showed the "trinitarian" awareness of one God in unity -- a minority opinion among the Cherokee, per that book, but a fascinating point.

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