This page is dedicated to Jacob, who at the age of ten was eager to pray to the Lord ! (and at the age of twelve, reached for the "prayer of agreement" (Mt. 18: 19)

"The Old Rugged Cross" reminds us of the sacrifice our most precious Lord made for us

< Click to see large version of Romans 12:2 (Bible) design and discussion, including the American Indian source of "purple" for cross

The "Be Transformed" graphic is available on business cardstock to serve as bookmarks, and so is the design at left. (link at bottom takes you to homepage, which has email link to discuss this if interested). (We change the color scheme a bit as the graphics "play" differently when printed on white cardstock Oh well ) (Please see the "short topic" on "other religions" if Jesus's words on the "narrow gate" seem to say that those who have not heard of Christ explicitly cannot be saved by the reach of His love)
CLICK HERE to see a large version of "The Narrow Gate" [for meditation?] and the Scripture reference written out

Courage - dedication - vision ... ! ! ! a meditation from plants

Note: Graphics are (C) 2006 by Bob, see "Author" link or email us (from homepage)

We put the empty cross of the Triumphant Christ on the background of the beauty of space that he created

Bridge-Building Images created Native-American-themed graphics to celebrate "the soul of the Native American as the original spiritual presence on this continent" -- click here for our favorite (It's a slow load -- the image of the Hopi "Madonna and Child" appears to the right of the text when it's done loading. They invite you to send the image as a free e-card! Note: The artist is not Native, this is aimed at "bridge-building." )

Please note also that the "Just for Fun" page on the homepage has an art exhibit of the best of 2,000 years of art about Jesus, organized by Christological topics.

Click to see sunrise glory over Grand Canyon, to the praise of the Creator, by a Havasupai Indian artist (has her testimony as a believer also) (then click "back" to return here)

< - - Left: The ring on the somewhat-Celtic style cross is green, for the color of life. The "unending circle" signifies eternal life in the Lord. The cross is white, for God's integrity (He "keeps His promises to a thousand generations of those that fear Him" -- see short topic on "fear of God" if interested in the language). White also for the radiance of Christ's triumph over death and the grave. Purple background: My last Athabascan Indian boss told me that "purple is the color of healing" and the cross of Christ's triumph spreads healing. Text is in yellow for "joy."
Graphic is (C) 2006 by Bob, see "Author" link or email us (from homepage)

Not "graphics" so much as nature in its glory, and some meditations... Bob's CFO camp "lake at dawn"

The "Christian flag" -- click here for thoughts on alternatives...


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