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Look at a different viewpoint on familiar things!
  Short topics:
What did Adam and Eve DO ?
A Christian view on (some) other religions
What is the key Bible verse for our times?
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My Fellow Americans...some brief messages
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Other items of note::
* Feed My Starving Children -- a project for Southern California?
* AFRICA in need: Congo / Bishop Albert Kadima (web URL is "")
* "Seeds" meditations by Rev. David Byrd
  Stories & Presentations:
* Story: "In a Dream, in a Vision of the Night"
* The Drift: A Totally Different View of What Columbus Has to Say to Our Times
* Classic Retold: Blind Men and the Elephant

Pages WITHIN this site:

1) "Seeds" meditations by Rev. David Byrd

   Just for fun ...
...For Jacob: Graphics page
... we have a little game... ?
...or a satellite look at earth by night
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  Featured link: Indian Life -- Native American and Christian (we recommend especially the "Path to Peace" section)

Lord Jesus Christ:
Love Him, adore Him!
Bishop Albert Kadima was displaying this message on a bumper sticker on his suitcase when I met him.
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