Gerald Schroeder's PhD is from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Click here for his documentation on how the credibility of "random chance origin" of life has disappeared scientifically

Augustine on Genesis is under "Presentations", linked here for convenience... Fascinating on "literal" and "days," and far longer than a millenium before Darwin!

(scroll to bottom here for Hebrew language note on "days")

The famed atheistic evolutionist, Carl Sagan... points out in Dragons of Eden that there is a remarkable correlation between the evolutionary development of man and the Genesis account of the Fall.

An aside -- ? -- Science Resurrects God -- an article of note, thought-provoking?

For an understanding of Adam and Eve that keeps Scripture directly "literal" and "science" unchanged, and puts them "together," click here for an introduction to Dick Fischer's paper on "Historical Adam"
Note -- your author does not share or advocate all aspects of Fischer's theory, but it has some interesting possible matters -- the selection by God of a covenant partner etc...
For a treatment that may have more merit, in terms of meshing "science" and "literal Bible text," please see a thoughtful mapping of the evolutionary "epochs" of life with the Genesis "days." (this also has some information from Dr. Gerald Schroeder on "six days" versus "15 billion years"

If you haven't read our "What did Adam and Eve DO?", click here for that and its links to some DNA-study notes on one-common-ancestor reports on both male and female sides of the entire human race. (If you "conflate" Fischer's theory of a selected human-covenant-partner with the "mitochondrial&Y-chromosome" "Eve" and "Adam" news items, it could be very thought-provoking. ?? Knowing that everyone will, in the modern state of American theology, disagree immediately with you, prepare yourself with the thought that it would be arrogance to presume that we mortals should be able to understand Creation... ?

Hebrew language note on "day" in Genesis 1 & 2

Another viewpoint:
Gen. 1 reads as if Moses asked, “What would I have seen if I had been here on this mountain watching, during the creation?”

We also offer for your meditation a note on the importance of "Adam and Eve"

A note on creation "processes":
In Jer. 27:5 the LORD says, "With My great power and outstretched arm I made the earth and its people and the animals ..."

With our apologies, "Creation" should be linked to discussion of "Fall," [Genesis ch. 3, Romans 3:23, with perhaps a note to Ezekiel 28:12 on?] -- and that should proceed to "Redemption," for which see the rest of Romans 3 [i.e. verse 24 on, and note also verse 21 ! ] -- but we don't have a link like that here. Email comments as needed and good, from homepage...

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