Abortion in Afghanistan?

The news has some grim aspects: the liberation of Afghanistan from the Taliban has had an effect, that now half the economy of that nation is opium money. This unplanned and harmful effect of "freedom" brings further questions -- among them, will other "side effects" of American ways be conveyed? One of the bitter controversies in America is the unending issue of abortion [Americans will recognize the scope of it -- is it murder? Or is the smallest restriction on it the beginning of an unconscionable eroding of a vital right?] Abortion, since its judicial legalization, has become a fundamental part of the American landscape.

What will happen, then, to those to whom America brings its social consciousness? It is an issue so polarized that my mere [factual] mention of "judicial legalization" would set off alarm bells among some "pro-choice" people -- but I am not writing for the prohibitionary viewpoint, but rather to say that a deeper level of resolution might exist. I saw a better way lived by people who had a different fundamental outlook. Their understanding of human sexuality was such that they didn't end up needing the abortion option. They accepted it as basic of life, put into our design by a wise and loving Maker, to be respected and sent through the channels of activity designed by the Creator. Yes, they took up the power given by them to manage the fertility... With it all, they were willing to look for the deepest meaning and blessing and goodness.

This is a different mind from the quest for short-term passion that seems to throb through much of the television and movies. Yes?? (You might want to check out the "short topic" on "media").

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