Miiyu, manahuu, osiyo, and forgive us if you spell "osiyo" differently! "Hello" in Luiseno Indian from my old home region in Southern California, Paiute because a friend got me into discovering a bit of Paiute, and Cherokee, the nation's largest Tribe numerically -- who I am told agree that the Navajos operate the largest Tribal government.

Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States -- says it is the only flag site recommended by Britannica Online, has short commentary on each tribe featured.

An aside: Jesus is the subject of a song “You walked a Trail of Tears,” on a CD done by Hopi-dwellers ("Rising Sun" by Rain Song, www.rainministries.com)

Also, the comments on a Trinitarian belief among ancient Cherokee (a minority but persistent theological segment) may be of interest (these comments are below the pages from the Alpha book, if the link takes you to the top of the file -- sometime the in-file placement links work, sometimes they don't).
-- click here for an Eskimo/Inuit's comments on the Great Power

Indian roots of our America -- the Native contribution to American democracy a full exposition of the roots of American democracy in the Founders' viewing of the Iroquois success

Another Native flags site -- some lovely flags!

www.naaog.de A European site on Native Americans, has fascinating links.   Good source of overview information.

Native Peoples cookbook -- Native Peoples magazine is a premier resource for persons interested to get an acquaintance with Native culture, and food is a very effective communication mode! Click to see their blurb

An expert says that of 300 Native languages once spoken in the US/Canada, 200 are still spoken -- but many of those are in peril of loss.

This "Indian links" page is under construction, so at present we will simply recommend NMAI -- National Museum of the American Indian, part of "si.edu" the Smithsonian Institution)
As of 10/23/04, their summer 2004 "virtual exhibit" is NOT on that homepage but was still accessible (click preceding link) -- an exhibit fascinating both for the marvellous objects displayed, and for the method of organization, neither Tribal, chronological, nor type-of-art.

Indian Life -- Native American and Christian. I thought the "Path of peace" section was especially interesting. The comics were fun..

The Lord's Prayer in Luiseno:
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1) per Yumayk Yumayk (this "version" has the full language mark-up)
2) per St. Joseph's Church (on a Luiseno Reservation) (notice the two added final lines -- don't they sound like a good testimony from the effort of the Indian people to make their way through the horrors of the early "contact" periods?
3) A version written down by Mark Macarro, described by one resource person as among the three most-fluent speakers now alive ( "now" meaning early 2000's)
4) A version written down by Kim Marcus, a Cahuilla Tribal member who speaks both languages. Dr. Marcus says he wrote this down from Villiana Hyde's dictation.
5) The version supplied by Dr. Eric Elliott, who worked with Villiana Hyde for the marvellous "Yumayk Yumayk" [available for browsing at Cham-Mix Poki'] has the Luiseno for "Yours is the kingdom, power, glory ... "

People ask me why I don't generally use the more "politically correct" term "Native Americans," which is used by such august entities as the federal Administration FOR Native Americans (which does not "Boss Indians Around" as they used to say of the federal B.I.A. Bureau of Indian Affairs") -- well, when I worked for the Seattle Indian Center, the Executive Director, himself an Indian, said that "anyone who is born in America is a native American" and I should note, he pointedly told me, that they called themselves the "Seattle INDIAN Center." I see Tribes calling themselves "The ______ Band of Luiseno INDIANS," and others similarly... If one's connections are in the community, rather than in academe, does that make the difference? If you didn't ask the question that opened this paragraph, please excuse the whole paragraph.

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