The U.S. Postal Service ran an interesting experiment. They allowed people to buy postage stamps with pictures of their own choosing as the image. It cost extra, of course, but the idea was that people could send friends mail with pictures of their weddings, birthday parties, all sorts of good things...

About a week ago, I went on the web to try to get some of these for myself, and I found the experiment had been discontinued. The fact that some people would try to put disgusting things on their personal stamps had been anticipated, but the cleverness of the abusers exceeded the ability to respond -- while one group was frustrated in their attempt to get a picture of the Unabomber made into a stamp, others managed to wiggle through with different pictures of him, and

... and there was another example of a disgusting thing "citizens" did with these stamps, that I removed upon a later re-reading this file... ALSO, see the "Media" short topic for what moves even a newspaper columnist to use the word "degrading."

The short topic "abortion in Afghanistan? " ponders some other aspects of American mentality... is "passion" really what we are all about?

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