Click Bob worked 25 years for American Indians, with some Inuit (Eskimo), Black, Hispanic and Asian-American community service also.

He has Masters degrees in economics (Univ. of Michigan) and theology (Fuller Seminary).

My Testimony ... God IS, God cares. The Lord is faithful, wise, ALMIGHTY, and loving. As the Eastern Orthodox say, "Let us attend!"

My testimony is being written ... It has been a much blessed, in many ways hard 50 years. The Lord has spoken to me "in a variety of ways" (cf. Job 33:15) , if interested, please email me your interest (main menu) and I will see about getting details to you ... Thanks.

A very special part: Holy Spirit deliverance from marijuana

Another very special Holy Spirit touch of grace in time of need -- saving graciously and effectively, by a special communication, when I was lost in the wilds

My testimony to the tithe: God has upheld His promise!

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