Nov 2000 update:

"...The geneticists' first foray into human prehistory was the famous 'mitochondrial Eve' article of 1987 by the late Allan Wilson, showing that when people around the world were placed on a family tree constructed from their mitochondrial DNA, the tree was rooted in African populations, in an individual who lived about 200,000 years ago.

"Though the methodology of the paper was imperfect, its result was unchanged after the method had been corrected, and geneticists have developed a growing confidence in mitochondrial DNA dates. The mitochondrial DNA trees trace back to a single individual, not because there was only one Eve -- the ancestral human population is thought to have contained about 10,000 people -- but because the lineages of all the other Eves have gone extinct."

     -- page F4 of 11/19/00 Riverside CA Press-Enterprise

The original reference I saw on "mitochondrial Eve"

"... American researchers say that they can identify the male ancestor of every living person. This so-called Y-chromosome Adam was a man who lived in Africa about 200,000 years ago, and his genetic characteristics have been perpetuated ever since. In 1987, another team used the PCR technique [polymerase chain reaction] to find our female ancestor, called 'mitochondrial Eve'. To trace her, the scientists looked at mitochondria, part of the genetic material of cells that is transmitted only by females, in the same way that the Y chromosome is carried only by males."

     Thomas Traumann, "Veja" (centrist newsmagazine), Sao Paulo, Jan 31, 1996, quoted in World Press Review April 1996, p 37. (he does not cite further results on mitochondrial Eve).

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